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NT or nt may refer to:


  • Nanotesla (nT), an SI unit of magnetic flux density
  • Neutronium, a proposed name for a substance composed purely of neutrons
  • Nit (unit), a deprecated non-SI name for a unit of luminance
  • Niton (element) (Nt), obsolete name of the element radon
  • Near Threatened (NT or LR/nt), IUCN Red List category
  • Number theory (NT), a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of the integers.
  • FloraNT (Index herbariorum code for Northern Territory Herbarium in Alice Springs)

Biology and medicine[edit]


  • Nested Task flag, a flag in the FLAGS register of Intel x86 processors
  • Windows NT, a family of operating systems from Microsoft
  • Network termination, a device connecting the customer's data or telephone equipment to the local exchange carrier's line
  • NT (cassette), Sony's microcassette-based digital memo recorder
  • Analogue Nt, an aftermarket Nintendo Entertainment System





  • Nt (digraph), written Nt or nt, letter in several African languages
  • n't, a contracted form of the English word not

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