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  • Yet again another nonsense micronation. RickK 02:54, Jun 13, 2004 (UTC)
  • Geez, can't these micronation people at least set up a crummy geocities website? Delete. -- Cyrius| 03:14, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Don't you have anything better to do than to go looking around wikipedia for entries you don't like? What's wrong with writing about our micronation? It exists and can be described. Cartainly if you can write entries about the representatives of every God forsaken U.S. territory and dependancy from here to Mars, then I can have a single entry about my little club.
    • Delegates, excuse me.
      • Don't you have anything better to do than try to get an article about your "little club" into an encyclopedia? -- Cyrius| 05:03, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
        • No
  • MANNNNNNN, I wish we could make these speedy deletion candidates. Really. Axe it ASAP. blankfaze | • • 03:37, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete, this is an encyclopedia, not a place for people to write about their "little clubs". That's what livejournal is for. —Stormie 04:51, Jun 13, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete - this place does not exist and never will--XmarkX 04:58, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. It's a shame, it's well written but it doesn't belong here. Andrewa 05:33, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. While I find micronations—and the Wikipedia articles that so many of them seem to have—to be more amusing than annoying, nothing in here is verifiable. (And might I add, encyclopedia articles should never use the first person, except as part of a quotation.) —No-One Jones 06:08, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • I would like to propose the creation of an Alternate Universe Wikipedia. Such a Wikipedia would contain only those items for which no google hits could be found (a google hit would constitute cause to delete). Then there would be a place for all these cute but pointless micronations, hopeful but pathetic vanity pages, and the adolescent ramblings of nascent poets. And we could get on with the job of compiling real-life material. Denni 02:41, 2004 Jun 16 (UTC)
  • Delete. DJ Clayworth 16:45, 16 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. -- pne 14:55, 17 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Find a plot of land, form a constitution and a form of government, institute a colonial trading system and then make the page on wikipedia. Until then, DELETE. --Marlowe 02:34, Jun 18, 2004 (UTC)