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Sample (fanciful!):
{{subst:User talk:Jerzy/TTmplt1|Dummy Discussion|00:01|, 10 Jan 2001 (UTC)|Jimbo}}

{{subst:User talk:Jerzy/TTmplt1|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}|{{{3}}}|{{{4}}}}}

After the First Preview of this edit, apply these instructions to this user-talk sub-page:

  1. Copy (from this preview to this page's summary pane) this text:
    -- Setup of subpage in progress; too early to try to make sense of this subpage for now -- (Edit saved to convert subst call of [[User talk:Jerzy/TTmplt1]] into hand-editable Wiki markup)1234567890123456
  2. Above within this preview, between the two horizontal rules, check whether the markup text marked "Transclusion" matches (as to format) the markup text marked "Sample" just above it.
  3. If the formats don't match,
    1. adjust, in the edit pane, the layout of the parameters in the double-braced "/TTmplt" call,
    2. preview again, and
    3. repeat these instructions from "2. Above within this preview...." above.
  4. If you are adding a contribution to the discussion, be sure what the current UTC date is (or what it will be by the time any contribution being added is completed and saved);
    otherwise, note the UTC date of the last contribution.
  5. In the edit pane, at the first bullet point, if the first of the two dates differs as to day of month, month, or year, move the "|" that breaks up the date portion of the complete time-stamp, so that only the unchanged "tail" (or high-order) portion of it appears to the right of that "|".
  6. Save this page (the Preliminary Save) and immediately start a second edit of it.

After the Preliminary Save, apply these further instructions to this user-talk sub-page:

  1. Change the first bullet point:
    1. If you are adding a contribution to the discussion,
      replace the blank in the middle of "~~ ~~" with one more tilde (and preview if needed to avoid confusion about what the UTC date is);
      otherwise, replace "~~ ~~" with the time-stamp of the last contribution.
    2. Adjust the count of contributions as appropriate.
  2. As appropriate, change the remaining bullet points:
    1. If there are participants in addition to the two already shown,
      1. replace the "2" with the actual number,
      2. copy the text inside the comment at the end of that point, before the comment, once for each addtional participant, and
      3. within each set (sets being separated by semicolons), replace each letter x with the portion of the participant's user-name that comes after the colon, as "Smith" for User:Smith.
    2. Inside the next, commented, line,
      1. If Jerzy is not the first contributor, replace the J with the initial of the first contributor.
      2. If there are multiple contributions, copy the first line below itself, once for each subsequent contribution, and change the date and initial-of-username on each such line correspondingly.
      3. If the prospect of sufficiently extended discussion seems imminent, uncomment these lines.
    3. If "{{{1}}}" seems not to do justice to the subject, provide a more specific statement of it following "general topic(s):".
    4. If it would help to centralize links, especially those implied but not marked up as usable lks, uncomment "relevant reference(s):" and provide them there, on one line or several bullet-pointed lines as needed.
  3. From the edit pane,
    1. remove these editing instructions, i.e., everything corresponding to the text that appears
      from the top of this preview
      through the 4 hyphens producing the following horizontal rule,
    2. click save, and
    3. resume following instructions found within the preview of the (section) edit of User talk:Jerzy.

(This approach to Wiki-talk (using two templates) is an experiment; i've so far imposed upon a number of colleagues with it, who have responded thru it (even without this 'graph) well enough that i can describe it as "working" (though an otherwise angry one nevertheless described it as "ridiculous"). My hope is that it will slow the growth of my talk page, make my archiving simpler and more timely, and thus make leaving talk for me less burdensome (especially for slow-pipe colleagues) than it has been for too many months. I cordially invite discussion of it (or one-shot comments, from those who prefer).)

If you add to this discussion, most other participant(s) won't be nearly as quickly aware of that as they would, if you had also edited their respective talk page(s). (A link to the corresponding section of each is at their corresponding "*" below, and your updating the edit count and editing-time-stamp range there also gives that participant further information. But no one other than i has done so yet.) For my own notification, i've started a list that i can check via "Related changes" more often than i am willing to check my Watchlist or "My contributions", tho of course that is still less often than "You have new messages."

  • 2 msgs, {{{2}}} thru ~~ ~~
  • 2 participants: Jerzy·t·c·[[User talk:Jerzy#{{{1}}}|*]]; [[User:{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]·[[User talk:{{{4}}}|t]]·[[Special:Contributions/{{{4}}}|c]]·[[User talk:{{{4}}}#{{{1}}}|*]].
  • general topic(s):