Vineyard Sound

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Vineyard Sound
Vineyard sound.JPG
Vineyard Sound is the body of water located behind the Gay Head Cliffs of Martha's Vineyard.
Vineyard Sound is located in Massachusetts
Vineyard Sound
Vineyard Sound
Location of Vineyard Sound within Massachusetts
Vineyard Sound is located in the United States
Vineyard Sound
Vineyard Sound
Vineyard Sound (the United States)
Coordinates41°26′30″N 70°46′28″W / 41.4417764°N 70.7744748°W / 41.4417764; -70.7744748Coordinates: 41°26′30″N 70°46′28″W / 41.4417764°N 70.7744748°W / 41.4417764; -70.7744748, 41°28′45″N 70°39′59″W / 41.4792768°N 70.6664182°W / 41.4792768; -70.6664182, 41°23′59″N 70°53′43″W / 41.3998309°N 70.8953114°W / 41.3998309; -70.8953114, 41°21′45″N 70°47′48″W / 41.3626116°N 70.7966964°W / 41.3626116; -70.7966964, 41°32′35″N 70°28′56″W / 41.5431664°N 70.4822496°W / 41.5431664; -70.4822496, 41°31′47″N 70°33′43″W / 41.5298323°N 70.5619732°W / 41.5298323; -70.5619732[1]
Part ofAtlantic Ocean

Vineyard Sound is the stretch of the Atlantic Ocean which separates the Elizabeth Islands and the southwestern part of Cape Cod from the island of Martha's Vineyard, located offshore from the state of Massachusetts in the United States. To the west, it joins Rhode Island Sound, and on its eastern end it connects to Nantucket Sound.[2]

Vineyard Sound holds some of the largest summer flounder in Massachusetts.[3]


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