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User:Mic is the identity that I chose when registering on Wikipedia, in December 2002. What got me hooked and made me decide to become an editor was the ease of contributing to the project, where I as an anonymous user had been able to make additions and create new articles.

My efforts as an editor initially revolved around the poor state of the articles relating to and concerning Sweden, of which I am a native. Creations include the overall structure and most of the articles in the series Politics of Sweden, Subdivisions of Sweden, History of Sweden, and List of Swedes. The projects to create templates and the specific articles for the Counties of Sweden and the Provinces of Sweden may be noteworthy, as well as porting the Swedish history from the Encyclopaedia Britannica 11th edition to create a backbone for that article series. Related to this is also a number of maps created and images of coats of arms contributed, with some examples to the right.

I usually devote a fair deal of editing time to wikifying stubs and linking "near orphan" articles, since I often find that the structural aspect of Wikipedia receives too little attention. Wikipedia, as a project, will not survive on its content alone and being able to locate existing articles easily could very well be deemed a vital aspect. I have recently been created an admin here on English Wikipedia. I have made some minor contributions on Wikisource and Wikiquote, as well as to a few of the other language Wikipedias.


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